Click on a link for various pages that I have created
Custom Fit   A website I created for a business in started in Arkansas and relocated to Louisiana
The Allen Family   A personal website that I designed for my parents
Richland Baptist Encampment   A website I have created for a local church camp
Ridiculous Spam   A website devoted to all the really ridiculous spam email messages I have gotten.
DVD List   A web page listing all the DVD's that we own.
Geocaching A web page devoted to our hobby: geocaching
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Send materials (photographs, images to be scanned, text desired, email links, etc.) to the mailing address at the left. All materials supplied will be returned via United States Postal Service along with a CD copy of the files created for your web site. I can also upload the files to whatever hosting service you desire. However, this will require you to send me your log in information and password for the site, or I can include a copy of a FTP program and instructions on how to use it.
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I am a self-taught web author, with a pretty thorough knowledge of HTML coding, both using a WYSIWYG web page editor, such as Microsoft's FrontPage, and by typing in the code directly in a text editor. I also have a pretty fair grasp of the esthetics of page design: don't make the page too busy or have too much uninterrupted text for the viewer to read. In addition, my Custom Fit web page has been viewed by a business in Little Rock, Arkansas that offers business site hosting, and I was told that the design and layout was very appealing.