This is the family of Chuck and Joan Allen

They were married on December 31, 1996

They live in Conway, Arkansas which is a small town north of Little Rock in the central part of the state.

Chuck has two sons, his first son, Charles "Trey" Edward Allen, III, was born on July 3, 1985 to his first wife, Diane. Trey currently lives in West Monroe, Louisiana with his mother. His second son, William Vincent Allen, was born to his second wife on July 7, 1999. William lives with his parents in Conway.

Chuck currently works for Air Transport International out of Little Rock as a technical librarian. Joan is a seamstress with her own business called Custom Fit.

Chuck and Joan are also very active in a historical research organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). Chuck and Joan hold several offices in the local chapter of the organization which is known as Shire Lagerdamm. Chuck is currently the Webminister, which maintains the Shire's webpage, and is also the Deputy Knight's Marshal, which is in charge of the training of the members who wish to participate in the martial aspects of the group. Joan is currently the Reeve for the Shire, an office which is similar to the treasurer, and the Provost to the Royal University of Meridies, which oversees the educational aspects of the SCA.